Twenty-One Keys


My great friend, Randy Bubb, died in 2005 from cancer. Because of Randy’s demise, it seemed like most everyone I knew was talking about the importance of financial life insurance. I thought about this and came to the realization that financial security is just the tip of the iceberg. I had been thinking about keys to teach my kids and making notes since 1998. I came to the conclusion that writing out the lessons I wanted my kids to learn was more important “life insurance” than just have enough money to see to their needs.

Here is the multimedia outline of the Twenty-One Keys (with the demise of Flash at the end of 2020, this may stop working):

Ten minute outline of the Twenty One Keys book by Bob Sakalas

In short, Randy’s death convinced me to write letters to my kids for future consumption, when they were mature enough to understand. This project has become my Twenty-One Keys book draft, for which I’m seeking a publisher. Twenty-One Keys offers the essential building blocks one must adopt to have a great chance of living a wildly successful life. It is what I want my kids to learn, especially if I’m not around to teach it in person and through example.

Here’s a mock up of the cover, which might ultimately change:

If you are interesting in helping proofread the draft, please contact me.

Bob Sakalas a.k.a. Optimism Man