Hi, I’m Bob Sakalas.

I believe that you can achieve and maintain true happiness throughout your life if you:

  1. first figure out what you stand for – what your true unwavering principles are, and then…
  2. choose to be optimistic,
  3. discern lots of exciting goals,
  4. create clear plans to reach your goals, 
  5. take decisive action, giving every day your best, honest effort, and, above all
  6. be truly grateful for all the gifts, all the little details, in your life.

My mission is to teach and inspire. I hope to inspire you to think clearly, make positive decisions, define your goals, and take fully committed actions. Do your very best, take some prudent risks, be all you can be, be thankful, and you will be remarkable and happy.

I do not believe in searching for happiness. Happiness is not a finish line. Happiness is not found at the end of a quest but rather, in the challenge, quality and appreciation of the daily journey. Success and happiness is truly created by our chosen positive attitude, our resolve to stay true to our principles, and the daily choices we make during our life’s journey. Peace-of-mind, critical to happiness, is found in maintaining our personal integrity and being grateful for the gifts already in our lives, not our bank accounts.

We are often surrounded by pessimism, which is fueled by the media which all too often celebrates low moral standards. A person needs to see it for what it really is, and rise above.

I believe four of the most important decisions you can make are:

  • to be a contrarian, questioning everything you hear while thinking for yourself,
  • to be unquenchably optimistic, 
  • to be loyal and true to your principles and your family, and
  • to be a bold, decisive person defined by enthusiastic action and tenacity.

A few of the items you will find here on my website include:

  • My blog where I share my observations each week,
  • Links to other websites in my sphere of influence,
  • A few of my Seven Great Minutes podcasts from 2002 (I was podcasting before they had a name for podcasts),
  • The complete text of Seizing Sharemy book about improving a sales organization from good to great,
  • The complete Twenty-One Keys, my e-book about teaching kids the fundamental keys to a successful life,
  • The ability to contact me.

Best of luck and vaya con Dios,

Bob Sakalas a.k.a. Optimism Man