Jul 042022

It is really hard to understand how we change the course of America in the 2020’s.

I’ve asked hundreds of people that I know and the vast majority do not want Trump or Biden in office. The same people don’t want Harris or Pence either. Yet, it seems that we are barreling down the road and these choices are some of the most likely next time around.

Where is the “silent majority” and for that matter, where’s common sense? Where’s competence? Where’s leadership? Where’s quality and class?

We, the people, better wake up. We need to get coordinated and find leaders we believe in. Polarized extremes are not what the country needs or wants right now. The United States needs to become a lot more united, which means working together to solve problems, not sowing hate of each other and solving nothing at all. The pandemic crisis, the subsequent supply chain crisis, the hangover of hyper-easy monetary policy, Russian aggression, and China’s lack of teamwork are all wake up calls. America needs to work with the rest of the world and lead the rest of the world to a better place, and few of the recent initiatives have improved much.

I’m an optimist. We can do better. Let’s make a difference. It starts by finding a true leader who can unite the United States. These four have had their chance and they did not get it done.

I.M. Optimisman

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