Mar 302022

For every two hundred experts I meet in the information technology space, I’m lucky to meet one great simplifier, one great illuminator of the truth and what matters. This ratio must change, because people are getting absolutely overwhelmed with data and information, a tidal wave on an exponentially accelerating growth path.

A simple thought for you: You can create and enjoy a great career for yourself if you decide to be the great simplifier, the one who shows people what truly matters most and why “it” is crucial, because almost no one else has this goal. Distilling complexity to its essence and communicating it effectively is not easy work, and often you spend weeks just trying to think it through with little to show.

Our colleagues, customers, and partners are trying to get a refreshing drink, but this is the source:

If you can be the person that converts the information into a much more usable and concise form…

…you will become invaluable. You do not have to put in Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours of experience to jump into this fast lane. There is a sparkling opportunity for you in the pursuit of simplification.

By the way, relentless simplification and effective communication are my self-chosen missions too!

I.M. Optimism Man

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