Mar 142021

Most of us write emails on a daily basis. Some of us write more lasting stuff, such as project briefs, white papers, blog posts, and even books. The more we write, the harder it becomes to spot tiny mistakes such as using a properly spelled word like “in” when it should have been “is” within the sentence.

I have discovered an easy-to-use hack that makes short work of finding 95% of your mistakes.

Simply take your text and copy / paste it into a new doc in Google Docs ( and into Microsoft Word. I have discovered that the latest versions of the included grammar engines catch a lot of the mistakes that are so hard to spot. It also is obvious that Google and Microsoft use different engines, resulting in Google Docs sometimes finding different problems vs. Microsoft Word, and vice-versa. Brilliant!

By investing an extra 3 minutes with copy and paste, your written work gets proofread twice and you appear to be 50% more professional.

I love when technology is easy-to-use and helps!

I.M. Optimisman

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