Feb 162014

I spend an extraordinary amount of time thinking about questions.

Most people talk all the time and rarely listen. When they are not talking, they are busy formulating the next thing they will say as soon as they spot the opportunity to interject, which reduces their available brain cycles for truly hearing what another person is saying.

I believe you can accomplish the extraordinary by asking the right questions at the right time.

Just One More Thing...

Just One More Thing…


Conversely, telling someone what you think they should do rarely works, even if your statements are spot-on. No one likes to be told. I believe dramatically minimizing the use of the word “should” out of one’s vocabulary is critically important, if you want to be a positive catalyst to all around you.

The next time you are headed to an internal meeting at work that you know might be a bit contentious, take just 15 minutes and develop some great questions. Wait for the right time to ask those questions, and watch how effectively the right question, asked sincerely, can turn a meeting from negative to positive.

Great progress is possible, if you become Columbo and ask (and listen) far more often than you tell.

I.M. Optimism Man

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