Jan 242013

I believe unrealistically high expectations doom results.

No event, save perhaps the expectations Jerry Jones puts on the Dallas Cowboys each year, comes closer to proving this than the 2012-2013 Los Angeles Lakers. They began by assembling all-star parts and were crowned as favorites to make the Finals if not win it all. All the media and fan hype is exactly why the team has underperformed and seems destined to miss the playoffs.

I believe an optimistic has a much better chance of success than a pessimist. But an optimist that drinks the kool-aid of other people’s usually undeserved or at least overstated commendation and adoration will forget the realities of fighting through adversity, overcoming obstacles, adapting to conditions, and staying positive through it all. It is important to approach all worthy endeavors knowing that it is never going to be easy. Teams — no matter if we are talking about sports or a sales group — require positive cohesion, belief that they will prevail, and mutual respect. Unrealistically high expectations basically bake in the “perfect season” as a must. Few teams have ever had a perfect season for Murphy’s Law does in fact exist. As losses mount, pressure builds. 

Set your sights high but plan for lots of adversity along the way. If others have great expectations for you, play them down at every turn. Learn from these Lakers. You will have a much better life and track record if you do.

I.M. Optimism Man

Jan 082013

You can’t solve a problem until you face it and understand it. We are lost in the politics and the excessive zeros attached to every number.

This is well worth watching:

I.M. Optimism Man