Optimistic Few


Make a positive choice – say “yes!” – choose to become one of the Optimistic Few — it is a way of life.

Why join? Three reasons:

1) When Optimism Man posts, you will get an e-mail notice.

A bit of inspiration goes a long way.

2) I am planning a discussion forum and you will be invited when it is launched.

Develop a broader group of positive, optimistic friends. It is sometimes hard to find people that are positive to discuss things with in the small local neighborhood.  Being immersed with other optimistic people is a key to growing your optimism.  The Optimistic Few will get a chance to help each other in this virtual space.  Help others and you reap rewards yourself.

3) You will get an opportunity to buy one or more of my Optimistic Few t-shirts and coffee mugs.

I’m still working on designing a good logo – help is appreciated if you have this talent. I believe t-shirts and mugs help you stay motivated while helping good causes.  All profits – yes, 100% of profits from t-shirt and mug sales are donated to charities that have a proven record of action, financial transparency, and good efficiency percentage per dollar received.

My Unequivocal Privacy Policy: I will never share your e-mail address with any third party. I won’t send you spam. I will take you off the list upon request.  That’s it!

I only need your name and e-mail address to sign you up.  You are welcome to add a subject and comments.  I read all incoming mail but can’t always respond.

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