Nov 162011

Please take out a scrap of paper and write down the initials of the ten people that you talk to most often in daily life — your most-frequent-friends-and-associates —¬†outside of your immediate family. For most people, this group is usually co-workers, but really what I’m targeting is people that you talk to many times each week.

Please don’t peek at the rest of this article until you are done with your quick list of friends and associates.

After you have your most frequent-10 on paper, go back and think about each person for a few seconds.

If the person brings you up, motivates you, and adds optimism to your life most of the time, put a + plus sign next to their initials. On the other hand, if the person brings you down most of the time, complains a lot, sucks you dry by demanding your constant support, and often tells you that things won’t work out, put a – minus sign next to their initials.

What’s the verdict? Are the majority of your most-frequent-friends-and-associates helpful in your pursuit of optimism, happiness, peace, fun, and success? If not, consider making some changes. It is hard to be optimistic if you are surrounded with daily negativity and its nearly impossible to sustain lifelong optimism if you are the only beacon of light in your group.

Circle the two people’s initials that are the most negative of your frequent-10. Your mission is to greatly reduce your daily interaction with these two people. Find two positive, optimistic people that can move into your frequent-10 in their place.

Wishful thinking will not change things. To find, you must invest the time and search. Daily life improves dramatically when the vast majority of your daily conversations are positive instead of negative. Repeat this substitution several more times over the next couple of years and you are well on your way to being surrounded with friends that make your life better and help you succeed. There are millions of people out there — don’t settle for pessimists in your inner circle.

I.M. Optimism Man

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