Oct 192011

We tend to think too much and do too little. Everyone is talking about “being motivated”, “getting motivated” or “lacking motivation” yet sit on their duffs watching T.V. for several hours each day.

I think everyone has this reversed. The truth is —

Getting started comes before getting motivated.

How many times do you hear “I need to find a better job” — but when you ask, you find out the person has no current resume and has not lifted a finger to look for a better job?  How often do you hear “I need to lose five pounds” or “I need to go to the gym more often” but “I can’t find the motivation.” How many salespeople want bigger commissions but have not increased the pace and quality of their sales efforts? How many people say they want to improve their investing knowledge but have not read a single book about investing in over a decade because they “can’t get juiced up” about the topic?

Getting started is more than half the battle:

  • Look for that better job and you will find one.
  • Go to the gym and you will workout.
  • Download the MyPlate app on your iPhone, start using it for two weeks, and you will lose weight.
  • Read The Little Book that Still Beats the Market or the classic The Richest Man in Babylon on your Kindle while walking on the treadmill (two birds one stone) and you will be closer to financial freedom.
  • Take a lesson and you will be snowboarding.
  • Attend a class and you will find that Spanish is not so hard.
  • Write the first ten pages of your novel and the next fifty pages will flow much more easily.

Action is what matters.

What’s the one thing you have been talking about doing but have whined about finding the motivation? No more whining! Every journey, every adventure starts with a single step. Get started today. Take that first step and then a second.

Motivation is an extraordinary gift that comes to those with the optimism, courage, and initiative to get started.

Less whining, more doing!

I.M. Optimism Man

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