Jul 292011

The Republicans and Democrats are fighting over the U.S. debt ceiling and both sides think they are being smart, making a firm stand ahead of the elections.

They don’t get it.  You cannot put a price of integrity.  Once trust is lost, it is nearly impossible to regain.  If the United States of America starts picking and choosing who it will pay and who it will not pay next month, even though it made a promise to pay, it will no longer be the safe haven many investors and sovereign funds count on for placing their wealth.  If that money starts flowing out, ugly and expensive ramifications follow.

We cannot play around like this — this is not politics as usual.  We must maintain leadership in the world, and leaderships starts and ends with integrity, no matter if you are a person or the greatest superpower nation on earth.

Zillions of bucks of “stimulus” that ran up the deficit are about to be undone.  Zillions of dollars of waste to pay increasing interest expense is lurking like a snake in the weeds.  Far too many in Washington DC are putting their career ambitions ahead of what truly matters: Integrity and Trust are Priceless.

I remain optimistic that common sense will prevail, for this is a stupid and dangerous game the pols are playing with our future.  I hope the electorate remembers the irresponsible behavior during the upcoming elections.

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