Jul 182011

This year’s Women’s World Cup tournament was breathtaking.  America, full of optimism, made it to the final.  Japan, the underdog in three games, had the positive attitude that makes all the difference.  The final game did not disappoint, with Japan overcoming all odds after falling behind twice to inspire all that watched.

Here is the story that sums it up from ESPN:

2011 will be remembered as a year for incredible sports drama.  First the Dallas Mavericks conquered Lebron, D-Wade, and the Miami Heat, and now, the best FIFA World Cup we have seen in a long time.

I highly recommend watching the final game while it lasts at ESPN3.com replay (until August 16th I believe – use the dropdown to access 30 days history).  Optimism is the featured player for both teams.  Congratulations to Japan and the USWNT — well done!  Too bad only one team takes home the trophy.

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