Jun 172011

The Anthony Weiner saga, if you can call it a saga, proves that there is hope in 2011 politics.

Anthony has thrown his hat in to win the Bonehead Self-destruct trophy in 2011, after Tiger Woods was the runaway winner last year. More so than Tiger, Anthony had more to lose, given that he was considered a rising star in the Democratic Party ranks and the odds on favorite for Mayor of New York.  Tiger lost zillions of future bucks and some divorce bucks, painful no doubt, but for better or worse, Tiger already has banked zillions of bucks and is still a pretty fair golfer — I’m pretty sure he will be financial solvent in the end. Anthony is working on his Plan B.

That guys get intoxicated by success and do bonehead moves because they think they have the Midas touch is not new or optimistic. What is quite optimistic is that the Democratic Party, after a bit of deliberation, didn’t stonewall behind the oh so popular “I have a disease and need treatment” lame excuse and instead pushed Weiner out the door. Bravo!

We need good serious leaders. The country needs leaders that people can look up to, that kids can look up to. We need men and women of character and integrity and optimism and action — these are not outdated traits, but many seem to no longer expect them in our elected representatives. We should. We have way too many people with disease as my excuse for what is really stupidity, bad judgement, bad morals, and bad behavior. We have been letting way too many remain in the spotlight, even after prison sentences or bonehead-of-the-year moves. The media often helps, since nothing sells to the weak-minded like a good scandal.

This week, there is hope. Lets expect more. Lets expect better. And seriously, lets get rid of the treatment-for-my-disease excuse and call Bonehead Syndrome for what it really is.

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