Jun 132011

In one of the most visible commitments to win, uber-optimism man Jason “Jet” Terry of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks put an image of the NBA Finals Larry O’Brien Trophy on his bicep during the pre-season, with the public declaration that he will win it this year or get it (painfully) removed if the Mavs fail.

That, ladies and gentleman, is serious commitment to success and a serious belief in your team. In all my years of watching sports, I’m not sure I have ever seen so vivid and bold a move by a veteran that knows how hard the mountain will be to climb. Jet is no rookie with rose-colored glasses on.

Congratulations Jet!  You are a true man of optimism, commitment, and follow through. Jason struggled in a few games early in the finals against Lebron and the Heat, but he adapted and overcame, delivering stellar performances in the final games of the series.

All the Dallas Mavs in 2011 are an extraordinary example of optimism, but in my book, the Jet exemplifies the power of positive thinking.

Can you commit without hedging?

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