Jan 112011

Do you believe you could make a decision tomorrow that changes your life a lot?  Could you quit the job?  Could you get on shiny 757 for Vienna or Toronto or Seattle and be there before the sun rises again, assuming you have some paperwork in place and a credit card with at least a grand of room on it?  Could you decide to stay there and do something different for a year?  Would this decision change things a lot?  Is it possible?

The answer is yes of course.  We have the power to make any decision we want, although some may be wiser than others.

Each decision, even decisions to keep the status quo and change nothing, determine our life, chapter by chapter.  If you decide to do something different — lets say enroll in an art class at the local community college — it will in some way have a downstream effect on the canvas you are painting with your life.

I believe the single most important decision you can make tomorrow is 100% commitment to be an Optimist.  If you decide to be an optimist, a world of exciting possibilities reveals itself.  It is the only way to live large, to “live life out loud” as Rob Thomas sings in Someday.

Decide tomorrow to become a crazy over-the-top optimist and your difficulties will become opportunities.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
— Winston Churchill

Your God given talent won’t change tomorrow.  Your abilities will remain the same tomorrow.  The skills you have developed will still have their limits, until you have time to improve them.  But the opportunities will multiply instantly.  Magically!  Simply because you decide to believe extraordinary success is possible and believe it will work out.

Does any quarterback win the big game if they do not believe they can and they will?  Does any pro golfer sink the 28′ putt on 18 @ Augusta to wear the green jacket if they don’t think it will go in?  Does a doctor save the brain aneurysm patient on the operating table without faith in herself?  Believe it can happen — will happen — and you will live your life out loud.

The only logical choice is to choose optimism and faith.  The alternatives quoted by many — pessimism & realism — are easier on the psyche but horribly self-defeating.  The pessimist or realist makes it easy on themselves.  They will choose to never-start, or choose to quit before they see it through, and they will transfer blame to the “reality” of it all.

Choose optimism as your unwavering way.  Optimism makes every decision different.  The next time someone asks ‘how’s it going’, the only acceptable answer is Great!  Couldn’t be better! This all important decision — day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year — paves the way for an extraordinary life.

Never ever again say “I’m a realist” — its the surest step to nothing special.

Join the Optimistic Few.

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