Apr 292011

Most people spend too much time and energy trying to find out or prove that something is someone else’s fault. Blaming anyone for anything, no matter if the indictment is deserved or not, leads to a terrible self-defeating domino effect on one’s own life.

“I did not get the crucial promotion because Mr. Harrison preferred Henry instead of me.”

“I didn’t sell my shares of LSI at $82 when I had a chance because that darn broker talked me out of it — I could have retired on that money…”

“I didn’t win the big deal because David leaked internal information to the customer after he joined our competitor.”

Some of these accusations might be true, but does assigning the blame help or hurt you now?

The answer is always the same — when a person engages in blaming others, he takes himself off the optimistic path for quick comebacks and successes. A person that does not blame instead jumps right back on the horse the next day and tackles life with a positive “I’ll win the next battle” attitude.

Blame no one. It sets you up for excuses of why you then didn’t succeed for the next year, or two, or three, or ten.

Accept complete and total responsibility for your own success — it is an extraordinary moment of awakening. Learn from set backs but instantly move on. ¬†Think about today and tomorrow, not yesterday and last year: your new successes will soon follow. Not only will you have more energy, lower blood pressure, and a more positive outlook, you will also learn from temporary set backs and wind up much wiser over the course of your lifetime.

Blame does not belong in the mentality of the Optimistic Few (even when you are right!).

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