Apr 182011

I wanted to post my thoughts on this topic, before there were a lot of candidates with their hat in the ring.

Why do we Americans never elect a time-tested, highly-experienced, proven track record business man or business woman to the highest office in the land of business, free markets, and capitalism? We have not in recent history, preferring lawyers and professional politicians.

America is a massive, complex organization.  Seems prudent that just one time, we would elect someone that has succeeded running more than one large complex organization before they got on-the-job training at the White House.  For some reason, given the last 50 years of election results, many Americans don’t really think they should check the resume of the person that will sit at the helm of our $3 to $4 Trillion spending budget.

Mr. Perot had bad timing being born in 1930 (at least for Presidential aspirations).  I think the time is right for a business man with an optimistic vision to win and cut through the extraordinary red tape and waste.

Lets elect someone with proven, verifiable ability to lead and handle big numbers like $4,000,000,000,000 / year in tax payer funds.

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