Feb 112011

Please watch this short 5 minute video and then think about the message for 10 minutes more.

It is very important to believe in people, to believe that they will go far above “realistic” expectations. This is especially important with your kids, because your influence on them is profound, during development and even when they are 40 and 50 years old. This expectation of “far above” is especially important with your students, if you are a teacher or even a part-time coach.  And this belief is especially important with yourself, for we all believe our own internal thinking and messaging.

Victor Frankl sums up this need so succinctly in this clip, that there is no reason for me to add more.
Click here to view:

Believe people will be phenomenal and extraordinary. Give them every opportunity and heartfelt expectation.  The result will be marvelous, because they will then achieve their true potential, instead of missing the target and falling short. A person that is trying to pass on their supposed ‘wisdom’ and advises their kid, wife, sister, brother, student, or friend that “this is all that you can reasonably expect” is inadvertently helping them come up short of their best case outcome.

Its our duty to inspire, as one of the Optimistic Few.  Tell your kid that she can make the Olympics.  It improves her chances to set a state record in the 400.  Choose to believe in people, believe extraordinary lurks in everyone, and communicate it clearly and consistently. Greatness does not come from reasonable expectations.

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