Aug 022011

Not long ago, it was considered critical that values were one of the most important focus areas of schools.

Not any more.

The generation of “personal choice” and legislation from the bench have changed this, diligently ensuring that kids are not taught right from wrong. Rather, kids are taught that almost anything goes in the land of personal choice. Our nation, founded with a belief in God and with a population that overwhelming believes in the Almighty (94%) is suddenly in a situation where any mention of God brings the wrath of the all-too-powerful 6% minority and the courts.

Here’s an all-too-obvious news flash: knowing how to find the square root of 256 is far less important than discerning and living personal values such as integrity, honesty, determination, and optimism.

Whenever the debate starts on “fixing education”, most of the conversation is about budgets, testing for minimum levels of basic knowledge, and retaining good teachers. While each of these topics has merit, no one even brings up teaching the importance of great personal values. A person’s values are his personal foundation, his spine that holds him steady when facing inevitable adversity. One must know where he stands. America will never be as strong as it once was if our society bends to the agenda of groups such as the ACLU, preventing any mention of right and wrong during kid’s formative years.

The Optimistic Few must find ways to bring this key issue back into the agenda. Today, too many have simply give up and send their kids to private schools where these topics are not dead and buried. We must realize that the majority of each generation graduate from the public system and it is up to us to fix this issue before it weakens our America even more.

I.M. Optimism Man

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