May 312011

People spend way too much time and money on their outsides and spend too little time improving their inside.

Billions are spent each year on cosmetics, on jewelry, on fashion, on cosmetic surgery, on salons, spas, and moisturizing cremes.  Billions and billions of hard earned bucks.  Billions of hours are blown sitting in salons and trying on clothes.  The cost of these hours is staggering, quite possibly more than the cost of the products.  Yet, it seems like the most attractive person in the room is always the person that is beautiful inside.

It is the person that sparkles, is full of life, is having fun, who smiles and laughs out loud. Its the person that intensely believes and defends the value of his or her ideas. Its the person that sees what is special in each person she meets. Its the person that asks the best questions and really listens to what you say. Its the person that remembers your name and asks you if everything turned out well with your dog’s vet visit that you mentioned in passing a few weeks ago. Its the person that is optimistic, gracious, and friendly. Its the person that treats you like you are the most interesting person in the room.

God dealt us a certain amount of good looks and billions spent won’t change them much. But each and every one of us can choose to give people our undivided attention, our warmth, our encouragement. We can choose to remember people’s names, and the names of their kids.

Be focused. Be fun. Smile all the time. Joke around. Happiness is infectious.

In short, we can make a choices to become more and more beautiful inside.  Its takes only a bit of effort, focus, optimism, and sincerity.  Beautiful inside is far more noticed than sporting that new Chanel purse, driving that new Porsche convertible, or eliminating a few wrinkles with Botox.

I.M. Optimism Man

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