Apr 252020

If you have one goal, and only one goal, for this year, your odds of accomplishing that goal are much better, than if you have five goals.

Most people don’t accomplish their January resolutions. Odds are you have already given up on any goals that you came up with last January. COVID and social distancing surely has not helped.

So why not reset now, in April? What’s your one goal, now? Is 2020 the year you lose 20 pounds permanently? Or is this the year you finally write that book? Or is this the year you manage to rekindle the relationship with that long-estranged family member? Or the year that you learn to be a pilot? Or the year that you climb Kilimanjaro?

Write it down. Keep it in your wallet in that see-through window where your drivers license is supposed to go. Don’t stop there: Make a plan, with dates and milestones. Put the milestones on your calendar application, in a different color. Don’t stop there: Make small steps weekly, and keep a special journal for just this one goal. Make it happen — no excuses.

One goal, one focus, one commitment is magical. Make 2020 count, COVID be damned.

I.M. Optimism Man

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