Apr 142013

Brilliantly simple, inexpensive details matter a lot because humans are decided quirky. We have all encountered fabulous little details that amaze us. These little pleasant surprises leave lasting impressions and change our decisions about what we buy.

Consider this short 12 minute presentation:

Knock, knock, knock… The core idea in this video offers an opportunity that can ignite, or reignite, your career!

I am optimistic that you can make a difference at your job this year and quite possibly earn your company millions in profit, if you take on the mission of improving the tiny details. People notice the small details. Nobody has this job at most companies. They will let you have it, if you are proactive about it — don’t ask for the title but develop your best idea and then go pitch it upstairs.

Be optimistic, take action, be enthusiastic and unstoppable. The power of little details can change your trajectory.

I. M. Optimism Man

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