Mar 212013

The rut. We all fall into it. It seems inevitable. We go to meeting after meeting, drive back and forth to school, and work, and practice. We fill out the required forms and pay the required bills. Off to bed, up at the crack of dawn, our incessant alarm clock beckoning  Lift those weights, then put them back where we found them. Our life seems to become one big rut. Novocain for our minds.

The truth is that life is not designed to stay the same. Life makes no decisions; rather, life accommodates whatever you decide for yourself. Life is like a fresh white canvas, waiting to be painted by your daily decisions and daily experiences. We make the daily decisions to create our own ruts. All too often, we go out of our way to make things highly repetitive.

Don’t live this way. Don’t let others drive your life.

It is much more interesting and fulfilling to steer.

What if you decided to take one new class at the local community college each semester? What if you decided to go to lunch with one new person at work each fortnight? What if you decided to write one page of your great novel every Wednesday? What if you decided to read a classic book, or watch a classic movie monthly, instead of Sportscenter, or the news, or the View? What if you decided to create a perfect little garden in the ugly corner of your backyard that you have never liked?

Variety is a choice, just as the rut is too.

I.M. Optimism Man

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