Feb 152013

Websters defines a “dud”…

Main Entry: dud 
Pronunciation: primarystressdschwad
Function: noun
1 plural a CLOTHES b : personal belongings
2 : a complete failure <the movie was a dud>
3 : a missile (as a bomb or shell) that fails to explode

Too many people don’t set goals for this week, this month, this year — and the result is that they are a missile that never explodes in a blaze of glory. They become a dud. Don’t be a dud.

I ask many about their New Year’s resolutions when February arrives. Half of those asked never set any resolutions in January. The other half are all too predictable — they mostly set weight and fitness resolutions — and most of them are already falling off the too-painful-to-follow formula that they created only six weeks ago.

That means that around 80% of you are ready for a new February 15th resolution. Here’s my thought for you: quit setting negative, painful resolutions. The truth is most resolutions are difficult and fraught with feeling of disappointment when one’s results come up short. Getting in shape is not easy for most people. Eating four servings of fruits and vegetables each day is not easy. Stopping complaining, saving more money, stopping smoking are all difficult.

So, here’s the solution. Make this your new resolution:

Make this your only resolution. Then, execute. Plan one fun event for every month that remains in 2013. Put the events on the calendar. Buy tickets. Let yourself go, forget your daily worries, and be sure and take pictures. If you don’t, you are likely to end this year as a dud. Don’t choose that path!

Make a slide show of all the great pictures you take while having fun in 2013 and set it to music. Upload it to youtube in December 2013 (send me a link if my idea helped!). Repeat in 2014. Forget the incessant negativity of the news media. Life is good and fun is always within reach.

Optimistic, positive resolutions are much better, and far more likely to happen.

I.M. Optimism Man

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