Sep 092012

I try to stay away from politics but this election seems more important than any in recent years. President Obama is not only heading in the wrong direction but he is spending so many billions than the government takes in. Four more years will likely produce a financial hangover that may persist for multiple decades. Entitlements are a runaway freight train – take a look at this essay but buckle your seat belt first!

I am tired of America’s penchant for electing unqualified guys without big business or large organizational experience to our highest office. It would have been really interesting if Perot would have won because there is no way it would have been the same-ole same-ole inside the Beltway. It is high time we elect a business man to office and see if practical problem solving can turn this trajectory around. President Obama and the Dems continue digging a deeper hole and I’m sure our preferred destination is the center of the earth or China. The Dems continue to produce policy after policy that punishes the business man and the entrepreneur, also known as the employer. They punish those who succeed and create more commerce and employment. We must not forget Calvin Coolidge’s spot-on observation that “the business of America is business.”  America is great when business is bustling.

Many political speeches put us to sleep but former Governor Mike Huckabee did a great job in summing up what the Republican prescription for the turnaround is: less regulations, less taxes, less welfare, more business, more employment, more personal freedom. If you have a few minutes, please watch and listen to his optimistic perspective from the GOP convention — it is short and to the point:

Lets make America great again!

I.M. Optimism Man

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