Aug 312012

Consider this graph:

Some basic facts and observations:

  1. Android has only been around a couple of years — iOS a bit longer but not a lot longer.
  2. You can get a small app programmed and ready for sale for less than $5 K
  3. You can get a pretty substantial app programmed and selling for around $10 K (not an action game though — that is a mega app)
  4. You can make it happen in less than 6 months
  5. Most apps are mediocre — just download any 20 yourself — so there is plenty of room for substantial improvement
  6. Marketing your app is tricky of course – 500,000 apps is a LOT of noise, making it hard to get noticed.

But… anyone that wants to try can try. The barriers of entry are very low — basically no barriers at all. All you need is a bit of money, a good idea, a good plan, and taking action. You can even keep your day job.

We live in a wondrous decade. Starting a business just 30 years ago typically involved leasing land, building a building, buying equipment, lots of permits and inspections — hundreds of thousands of dollars risked on one big bet. Today, anyone who wants to break out of their current daily rut, can. Smartphones are today’s #1 land of opportunity! There is no excuse not to dream, not to set goals, not to live large and take a half dozen shots at personal independence and financial success.

I.M. Optimism Man

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