May 072012

Make each day a masterpiece.

When is the last time you made your day a masterpiece day? Why so long ago, if at all? Tomorrow is a gift from God — don’t waste it. Plan how you will take advantage of tomorrow, tonight. Stick to the plan from dawn until dusk. Does it not feel great to have such a good day? For one person it might be a day of awesome strategic progress on key initiatives. For another, it might be taking the time to smell the roses and sit in the sun during lunch, the ringing phone and pinging email be damned. For a third, it might be taking the kids out of school and playing hooky while ice skating at the Galleria.

The key is that you decided, and therefore, it is so. Your masterpiece day is not up to the unpredictable winds of your boss, work associates, and customers. Your masterpiece day is not up to the unpredictable ocean currents of your family. You can set the sails, you can use the rudder, and you can steer how this day goes.

Make each day a masterpiece are words to live by. Once you live such a day, a day you forged from your own planning and will, you find you want to create another such perfect day, and then another. You learn you are free from other people’s urgency conspiracies and that those urgencies are usually man-made and mostly meaningless. Not every day will work out as planned, but most shall, if you have the will. Paul’s smile above comes from a life well lived. You need such a smile.

We live in the greatest time in the greatest country in the world. Don’t let other people’s urgencies shackle your horizon of what is possible. You are free to live as many extraordinary days as you desire. All it takes is pre-planning, courage, and the discipline to stick to your plans.

I.M. Optimism Man

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