May 132012

Websters defines Toxic…

1tox·ic adj \ˈtäk-sik\

Definition of TOXIC

: containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation <toxic waste> <a toxic radioactive gas> <an insecticide highly toxic to birds>
: exhibiting symptoms of infection or toxicosis <the patient became toxic two days later>
: extremely harsh, malicious, or harmful <toxic sarcasm>

A lot of people worry about toxins in their life and start imagining toxin buildup in their bodies. The snake oil / vitamin shop salespeople have stepped up to the plate and push lots of remedies to detox oneself, making millions. While I have doubts about toxin buildup, I have genuine disbelief that a magic potion of seaweed and beetlejuice will remove it, if it were to exist.

There is one toxin that we can do something about, however. Answer this question for yourself, before reading the next paragraph: Who is the most toxic person in my life?

What was your first reaction? Who came to mind? Was it someone that tries to tear you down? Was it someone that fouls your mood? Was it someone that tells you that you can’t or that you will not succeed in your newest endeavor? Is it some frenemy (friend-enemy if you are too old to know this recently added to the urban dictionary word), jealous and loaded with backhanded compliments?

Why do you keep a toxic person in your life?

Make your life easier. Optimism flourishes when one associates with other optimists and optimism is essential to success, peace, and happiness. Detoxify your life, not with some snake oil potion that promises to remove toxins from your body. Detoxify your mind and your perspectives by getting rid of / or at least greatly limiting that toxic acquaintance that is tearing you down and ruining your positive outlook.

I.M. Optimism Man

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